Benefits of Chair Exercises for the Elderly

Benefits of Chair Exercises for the Elderly

We all know that exercises are important for the elderly. They are important because exercising for seniors is an excellent way to maintain good health, enjoy better balance, and prevent many injuries that keep other seniors who don’t exercise regularly off their feet for much longer. But what about seniors who are already in declining health and lack the stamina to spend a lot of time up on their feet doing these exercises each day? What are their options? The chair exercise for seniors is a great start for any senior who wants to bring a little more fitness into his or her life.

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These are not necessarily easy exercises for seniors. If they are going to be truly beneficial they are going to push seniors a little bit. However, they are possible exercises for seniors who may not exercise at all otherwise. The biggest challenge anyone faces when it comes to fitness is actually doing the exercises. Exercise in elderly populations really is no different than other demographics in this regard. There are a few benefits to chair exercises that are well worth considering.

Better Balance with Chair Exercises for Seniors

Many seniors take medications that throw their equilibrium off a little bit. This makes the balancing that is required with traditional exercise routines a little difficult when they are being used as exercise for elderly people. Chair exercises for seniors eliminate that particular problem.

In fact there are some fitness programs for elderly people that are done entirely in the chair. This means that people who have major balance issues aren’t eliminated from getting the fitness they need to stay as healthy as possible.

Low Impact Fitness for Senior’s in Chairs

The other huge benefit for chair exercises for senior citizens is that it doesn’t have the high, and often painful, impact of other cardio workouts. In fact, aerobics for seniors are best when performed in pools because of the intense pain that can be caused during high impact aerobic workouts.

Even without high impact aerobics exercises for seniors, chair exercises for the elderly can lead to improved circulation, better range of motion, and a marked increase in overall muscle strength.

The bottom line is simple, aging alone isn’t enough. Today’s seniors are looking to squeeze every last drop of living out of life (which is as it should be). In order to do that, a solid elderly exercise program is in order. For many seniors, a high-quality DVD of chair exercises for the elderly is the best first step in the process.

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